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math helpWe offer private one-on-one tutoring for students learning Science in the convenience of their home. We have exceptional tutors that can teach all grades, including both college and university students. We service all of LA and Orange Counties and we can have a tutor begin working with your family within 2-3 business days! We offer a complimentary consultation because we believe it is important to meet our clients in order to recommend the best Science tutor for them.

  • One-on-one attention
  • In your Home
  • Free consultation

We are an extension of their classroom!

learn scienceWe use the students schoolwork, homework, textbook, project and assignments to teach and reinforce the understanding of Science concepts. Additionally, we partner and communicate with the students teacher so that we are in tandem with material being presented in class. The combination of this partnership allows us to produce rapid results and help students improve grades. Our science tutors simplify lessons and explain concepts in a way that students can understand! Our science tutors are trained to tutor science in a way that increases student interest and makes science an easier subject to grasp.

  • School’s curriculum
  • Partnership between student, tutor, teacher, and parent
  • We produce rapid results

Unique & individual approach for every student!

Our tutors have a minimum of two years experience teaching and/or tutoring one-on-one. We work on academic achievement as well as attitudes toward learning. We promote self-esteem and confidence! Our tutors are reliable and will find out what motivates your child to succeed and do their best in school! We have tutors that can teach many different areas in Science including, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental and Computer Science, General Science, Physical Science, Physiology and Anatomy. Science is one of the most challenging and difficult subjects for students to learn, and our tutors have proven strategies and teaching methods for different styles of learning.

  • Our approach is unique for every student
  • Motivate to increase a student’s confidence and effort
  • Proven strategies to improve understanding

We also help students develop and improve their confidence, skills, and efforts. Convenient and comfortable surroundings eliminate peer pressure, helping your child focus and ask questions. Best of all, you do not have to drive anywhere! We come to you and tutor seven days a week (after-school, evening, weekends)…whatever works best for you and your family we will accommodate.

Our Approach




General Science
Middle school to high school level classes; these also include their Advance Placement (AP) equivalent.
Typically, a combination of these classes is required for graduation.  Our tutors focus on homework and project help.  In addition, they share skills on how to study for science courses and recall material.

Physical Science


Earth Science

Life Science

Anatomy Environmental Science

College level, advanced courses.
These classes are more intense in substance and tutors tend to be high achievers or their line of study requires a heavy load of science courses.  At this level, tutors bring their experience on how to master such classes and how to develop effective study habits under demanding college timeline.

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