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Bee Academic Tutoring serves the Orange County, California area with in-home individualized tutoring or online tutoring. Cypress, CA has a population of over 49,000. The city has everything from lush parks used for bike rides and walking trails to museums which offer learning at a whole new level. The city of Cypress is 100% urban. For being a large city, there are many close-knit events held frequently that allow the inhabitants to mingle and enjoy time together. They hold many events at community centers and parks throughout the city, to be enjoyed by children and adult alike. The city is very family-oriented and bases a lot of its value on education.

The schooling in Cypress consists of Cypress Elementary District which includes 7th through 12th grade. Cypress allows for continued education right in town at Cypress College. Cypress boasts having seventeen schools in the city, including ten public schools and seven private schools. Of these, ten are at the elementary level and seven are middle and high school level. Cypress also houses 21 preschool schools.

The Cypress area outlook on education includes the opportunity to provide the environment with the skills needed to promote the development of each child to their maximum potential. They provide schooling with quality staff, well-maintained campuses, safety for each child, a high parent involvement rate, low class sizes and a focus on high standards. The schools hold high expectations of their students, while focusing on the needs of each child individually.

Bee Academic Tutoring is proud to work with the communities in the Cypress area in helping students excel in education. Bee Academic Tutoring has trained professionals that offer in-home tutoring, as well as online tutoring to aid in furthering the academics of independent students throughout the area. Whether it is support in math, science, English, or Spanish, Bee Academic Tutoring will provide a tutor that specializes in the subject. Bee Academic Training hires only the most qualified tutors, such as retired school teachers, college students, and substitute teachers. They are able to assist students from Kindergarten to college-level with course instruction and training for standardized tests.

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