Academic Tutoring in Lomita, CA | Bee Academic Tutoring

Bee Academic Tutoring has tutoring centers across Southern California. Their Lomita, CA location serves Lomita, Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and other surrounding areas. They offer a wide variety of tutoring services for several ages groups and in several subjects. They even do SAT and AP Test Prep tutoring, They also do not require the students to take any assessment tests before they start any type of tutoring. They have very reasonable rates. Their staff is friendly and helpful and they want your child to succeed without you having to spend a lot of money on tutoring help.

Bee Academic Tutoring Center in Lomita, CA offers various types of tutoring styles and systems based on what your child’s needs are. They offer one-on-one tutoring if they need special attention or you would prefer that they get more individualized help. They offer summer tutoring and summer camp for children who need help with remedial work or are wanting to work and learn ahead of schedule so that they will be more than ready for when the next school year starts. Their summer camp program is filled not only with learning but also with fun activities so that your child has a good time while also enhancing their education and study skills. They offer home school curriculum help for children who are being home schooled so that they will be able to advance far enough and not fall behind with those who are in regular public or private schools. Bee Academic Tutoring also offers College Prep courses to prepare high school students for advanced placement classes and to be ready when they enter college. They also offer online tutoring for students who choose to work more independently with a tutor in the comfort of their own home.

Bee Academic tutoring Center in Lomita, CA offers tutoring in a variety of academic subjects such as Math, Science, English and SAT and ACT Exam Prep. The staff at the Bee Academic is qualified to teach in each of these subjects. However, there are some staff members who are specialized in certain subjects. Whatever academic needs that your child may need help with, Bee Academic Tutoring in Lomita, CA is there to help you without costing you a fortune.

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