Whether a student is struggling with their coursework or wants to study independently to get ahead, a tutor can be an invaluable asset. Peer and professional tutors can help students set goals and achieve them while building confidence and strong study habits. Tutoring helps students reach their full academic potential without taking extra class time to work on their individual needs.

Professional Tutors

Professional tutors make a living by working with students to help them better understand their course materials. Due to their high level of experience, tutoring with a professional can offer new insight into teaching techniques and study habits that students might otherwise not discover.

The Benefits of Professional Tutoring

Working with a professional tutor has multiple benefits. The varied experience of a professional tutor gives them the ability to more quickly and accurately diagnose their students’ difficulties. This allows them to address their students’ problems more quickly than a peer tutor might be able. Professional tutors typically have, or are studying to earn, a degree in the subject they tutor. This gives them a deeper understanding of the subject at a higher level, which can give their students a wealth of knowledge.

Peer Tutors

Many high schools and universities sponsor a peer tutor program that allows students to help each other succeed. Peer tutoring can consist of study groups, individual sessions, and test reviews led by one or more students. Most peer tutoring programs do not have a fee associated with them which allows them to help the entire student body equally.

How Peer Tutoring Helps All Students Involved

The benefits of peer tutoring are not just for those students who are struggling. When two students are paired in a peer learning environment, one is required to assist the other with understanding the material. This requires the more advanced student to explain concepts in several ways so that their peer can understand them. To explain concepts in more than one way requires deep understanding of those concepts on the part of the more advanced student. The act of teaching another student can help students achieve a deeper understanding of the content.

The less advanced student benefits from having a fellow student explain concepts without fear of judgment. Some students suffer from anxiety and are too nervous to approach their teacher or other adults for help. Having a peer tutor for these students removes some of the pressure and allows them to focus on learning.

The Benefits of Tutoring

Whether a student gets help from a classmate or from a paid professional tutor, they are sure to see an increase in their understanding and mastery of their subject materials. Working with a tutor helps students to catch up when they fall behind their classmates. Tutoring allows these students to spend additional time on each concept before moving on, which prompts deeper understanding. Students can also use tutoring to get ahead of their class and advance independently.

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