When it comes to finding the perfect math tutor, there are some questions to consider.

  • Does your child work better with a tutor physically present or will online suffice?
  • What is your budget?
  • How frequent do sessions need to be?
  • Are there free options?

Free Options

Maybe your child’s teacher has some days where they give extra guidance. Learn this schedule and make sure your child can attend then.

Ask around at a library, community center or even church to see if they have teaching programs. It is not hard to find some weekly programs once you know where to go.
You might also check with a local university or even a community college and see if they offer tutoring in secondary math.

Whether you run out of options for free programs or they seem lacking, there are other avenues. Know that while plenty of sites provide videos or lessons explaining mathematical concepts, most kids need a person to field specific questions.
Ways of Finding a Good Tutor

Approach #1: Word of Mouth

Ask parents who have children of a similar age as yours. If their kids have a cherished tutor, feel free to ask for details like availability, rate and tutoring style. Be aware that a potential tutor may be a poor fit so asking questions may spare you the time and money required for a meeting.

Approach #2: Check Public Bulletin Boards

Even if places like a library, community center or church lack tutoring programs, they likely have a bulletin board with tutors seeking needy students.

Approach #3: Check With Your Child’s Teacher or Counselor

Even if your teacher cannot offer supplementary solo lessons, they likely know others who can. Many tutors are well known by schools and faculty. As many of these tutors may work on the campus, teachers likely know how to reach them. If other students in your child’s class are also seeing a tutor, their teacher probably has that tutor’s contact info.

It is still feasible to reach out to local school secretaries and guidance counselors if you homeschool your child. These professionals keep a contacts list of math tutors known for helping sagging performance.

Approach #4: Use an Online Tutor Service

If you cannot manage to find a tutor in math that can show up in person or your schedule is too packed to find a time that might work, you are far from being out of luck. One of the other ways that your child can be given one-on-one help over the internet would be an online tutor service. These sorts of sites incorporate online practice sessions and games with personalized lessons and advice from an online tutor. Children are given lots of feedback on the work that they are doing and also have access to additional one-on-one tutoring session so that they can discuss specific subjects or homework tasks with a tutor on a weekly basis.

The End of the Lesson

So there you have it. Several methods of finding just the right tutor to suit all sorts of parental budgets and schedules.

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