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Bee Academic Tutoring is located in Lakewood, California. It offers a variety of tutoring services such as private home tutoring for students within Lakewood and Orange County plus online tutoring to those in every other corner of the state. There is a qualified staff who is able to teach any subject at any grade level. Bee Academic Tutoring understands the importance of your child’s education, hence, we only hire the best professionals. We use the basic school curriculum to explain ideas, and through this not only do we get fast results but also boost students’ morale and confidence. This is ideally important as the student is able to grasp the content across all subjects.

This tutoring service distinguishes itself from other learning centers simply because it is run by dedicated and experienced tutors who will come right to your home and also build a standing relationship with your sons and daughters. There have been raised eyebrows about how or where they recruit their teachers. They personally interview and also do background checks on each tutor. Tutors are usually retired teachers or honor university students with at least a year’s experience. Bee Academic Tutoring caters to each type of student, and they have a group of tutors that are Special Needs certified.

Bee Academic Tutoring places importance on summer camp, as students are on holiday for a long duration of time. This time is quite crucial and challenged students can use this time to catch up with their peers. In order for students to retain what they learnt in school during the previous year, summer school camp is the place to be. It has been well documented that students who attend summer school have a competitive edge over those who don’t. The beauty of choosing Bee Tutors is that not only does your child get quality education over the summer but also has a fun-filled learning experience. They make any tests easy and also reduce the difficulty of assignments. Some of the subjects offered at summer school are math, reading, science, handwriting, Spanish and English.

Bee Academic Tutoring believes that the best way to learn is through one-on-one learning. This is quite true as they have on record the high grades from previous students who were individually tutored in preparation for PSAT, SAT and also the ACT exams. The tutors usually teach from course books, which are provided by the parent or student, though they have a green light to use improvised materials such as math flashcards. Bee academic tutoring services surpass most of the elite tutoring services by catering to every individual’s need for exam preparation.

Bee Academic Tutoring has received great reviews from parents all over the country. One of the best things about it is that parents don’t feel pressured to know just as much as teachers to make sure their children get a quality education. All they have to do is contact Bee Academic Tutoring and let them handle the job.

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