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At Bee Academic Tutoring Services your child will receive one-on-one math tutoring exclusively in your home. We do not have any contracts or testing fees and our rates are reasonable and affordable! Whether your child attends public or private school or is being home schooled, we can help! We take pride in providing quality math tutors to students of all grade levels. We service both LA and Orange County and we can have a tutor begin working with your family within 2-3 business days! We offer a complimentary in-home consultation because we believe it is important to meet our clients in order to recommend the best Math tutor for them.


  • One-on-one attention
  • In your home
  • Free consultation


We are an extension of their classroom!

We tutor from your child’s school curriculum, utilizing their math textbooks, worksheets, homework, and project assignments. We will contact their teachers, with your permission, to be sure we are in tandem with what is happening in the classroom. This partnership allows us to produce rapid results and help students improve their grades. Our tutors are passionate about what they teach and being taught by someone who loves math makes a world of difference.


  • School’s curriculum
  • Partnership between student, tutor, teacher, and parent
  • We produce rapid results


Unique and individual approach for every student!

Our tutors have a minimum of two years experience teaching and/or tutoring one-on-one. We work on academic achievement as well as attitudes toward learning. We promote self-esteem and confidence! Our tutors are reliable and will find out what motivates your child to succeed and do their best in school! We have tutors qualified to teach all levels of math from elementary math to Calculus 1 & 2. Our math tutors are educated, skilled, and have the experience in teaching elementary math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Math is one of the most challenging and difficult subjects for students to learn, and our tutors have proven strategies and teaching methods for different styles of learning. We also help students develop and improve their confidence, skills, and efforts.


  • Our approach is unique for every student
  • We motivate to increase a student’s confidence and effort
  • Proven strategies to improve grades


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    If you need to make a payment/deposit, you can call us at 562-421-3272 or you can sent payment through PayPal using this form.


    Bee Academic Tutoring

    Bee Academic Tutoring is a family-owned and operated tutoring company located in the Los Angeles/Orange County area and covers multiple cities, including Cerritos, Irvine, Lakewood, Whittier, Downey, Palos Verdes, Long Beach , La Mirada and Buena Park. We offer tutoring for a number of subjects including math, science, history, English, Spanish and a few other subjects. We cover all levels K-12, and also offer help with college prep, SAT and other tests.




    Levels Concepts We Tutor Our Approach
    Elementary and Middle School Math Arithmetic
    Problem solving
    Our emphasis is on homework and making sure students understand fundamental concepts that will also help them pass their class and the CA State Test.
    Algebra I Linear equations and inequalities
    Exponential functions
    Quadratic equations
    At this level, students need to pass a specific number of math courses as a prerequisite for graduation. Our tutors will help students build strategies to learn and retain key mathematical concepts. In addition to academic tutoring, students need to build confidence, motivation and appropriate study skills. Our tutors bring their experience to the table to help in all of these areas.
    Algebra II Equations and inequalities
    Exponential expressions and functions
    Rational expressions and equations
    Quadratic equations
    Geometry Equations and inequalities
    Exponential expressions and functions
    Rational expressions and equations
    Quadratic equations
    Trigonometry Graphing
    Right Triangle Trigonometry
    Trigonometric Identities
    Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    Exponential And Logarithmic Functions
    Graphing Functions
    Polynomial Functions
    Complex Numbers
    Conic Sections
    Sequences and Series
    Trig and Calculus may not necessarily be graduation requirements. In addition, students in these courses have a keen interest in math and need assistance with a strong academic focus. We have tutors who specialize in upper level mathematics and who can help gain full understanding on all key concepts.
    Calculus Graphing
    Limits of Functions
    Continuity of Functions
    Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

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