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Bee Academic Tutoring is centrally located in Long Beach, CA, and also serves nearby cities including Lakewood, Bellflower, Cerritos, Huntington Beach, Buena Park, Redondo Beach, Torrance, and Carson.  With a population of 467,892, Long Beach is the second largest city in the Greater Los Angeles area and also borders Orange County.  The city is known for its beautiful weather, vibrant nightlife, busy commerce, and its famous ports and importance as a maritime center (The Port of Long Beach is the US’ second busiest container port after Los Angeles).

Long Beach History

Long Beach has been home to several settlements of Indigenous tribes.  When the Spanish explorers arrived, the Tongva tribe was the dominant group of people.  In 1784, Spanish King Carlos III would grant this area (and other areas of modern day LA and Orange County ), then known as Rancho Los Nietos, to a soldier named Manuel Nieto.  Later, under Mexican rule this area would be partitioned into six smaller ranchos.  Those includes Rancho Los Alamitos and Rancho Los Cerritos which would include present day Long Beach.  Eventually much of this area would come under ownership of a Los Angeles syndicate known as the “Long Beach Land and Water Company.”  The city of Long Beach itself was incpororated in 1897.

Long Beach Education

Long Beach is also home to several well-known higher education institutes including California State University, Long Beach, DeVry University, and Long Beach City College.  In terms of school districts, Long Beach is covered by Long Beach Unified School District, ABC Unified School District and Paramount Unified School District and includes both public and private schools.

Bee Academic is proud to provide tutoring in Long Beach, including Downtown Long Beach.

Bee Academic Tutoring Long Beach
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