Los beneficios de la tutoría de uno a uno y la actividad física

How much do Tutors charge in California?

Tutoring in California ranges from $15.00 to $75.00 dollars per hour depending on the city and type of tutoring you are looking for, however with this being said the average rate for a tutor in California is about $45.00 per hour.

Here are some of the tutors tasks:

  • Instruct students in particular subjects as well as studying habits.
  • Create handouts and instructional materials as well as problems to solve and practice what has been learned.
  • Communication with parents or guardians.
  • Keep and establish a documentation of progress, hours, topics and paperwork in general.

Now it might sound expensive but let’s take a look of some the advantages of hiring a tutor!

Establishing a foundation.

As Children in elementary school we all learned the basics of the mathematical building blocks and reading comprehension skills which are still being though in the current educational system up to this date but When kids nowadays struggle to learn and fully understand these skills they start having a hard time dealing with more challenging topics, the not so helpful part of the current school system is that they will not offer any additional support unless they are two grades behind.

Now tutoring can help our children fill these empty spaces and support their ability to learn comprehension skills and concepts before the issue escalates to a more stressful state.

One-on-one learning

This means the moment you hire a tutor for your child he becomes an exclusive student, all questions and attention is for your child entirely and to fit the child’s learning needs. Let’s not forget that it has been proven that overcrowded classrooms can affect a child’s ability to learn, this limits the teacher’s ability to give kids that one-on-one attention needed to explain and answer every child’s questions. Some of the Children can be embarrassed to ask questions when they have a hard understanding. Tutoring will help the child develop that confidence to ask and answer questions without any type of pressure or limited time.

With everything said above let’s implement the ability the tutoring can provide if you moved to a new state and you find the difference between school districts that can become a struggle for your child to keep learning at pace, on top of that let’s include a change of classmates and environment.

After all, tutoring is a great way to help children learn and comprehend better and stay on course with the school learning standards, that is the reason why it varies on price within cities and/or counties.

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