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Bee Academic Tutoring is pleased to provide services to several southland cities in Los Angeles County and Orange County, including Downey, CA. Centrally located between the city of Los Angeles to the north, the Orange County line to the south, and the Pacific coastline to the west, Downey residents enjoy temperate climes and access to the many amenities offered by nearby cities and beaches. With 110,000 residents, Downey is no small town, but a community atmosphere pervades nonetheless. Their bustling business district has been named in California Business Magazine’s “100 Best Cities To Do Business in California” list, ranking in the top 25%. And the city boasts 11 parks comprised of nearly 100 acres of land that include fishing, tennis courts, and other fitness activities. Also popular are the numerous golf courses dotting the city of Downey. The real claim to fame for this centralized city is that it was the birthplace of the Apollo Space Program. It also houses the world’s oldest McDonald’s restaurant.

Downey Education

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Students in Downey, CA attend institutions in the Downey Unified School District, which includes thirteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools, as well as several private schools. Every year the district compiles School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs) for each public school that are intended to chart progress, achievements, and staff, amongst other things, in an effort to provide residents with a means of evaluating and comparing schools. The results of each school’s report are also compared to other schools in the county and state. Downey Adult School provides ongoing educational opportunities to high school graduates, and older students also enjoy close proximity to a number of institutions for higher education, including Cerritos College, East Los Angeles College, Long Beach City College, Whittier College, Biola University, and California State Universities in Los Angeles, Dominguez Hills, and Long Beach.

Downey Demographics

The city of Downey is noted among residents and visitors for its unique blend of city and small town sensibilities, where a hospitable, community atmosphere blends seamlessly with the many amenities offered by city living. Bee Academic Tutoring is proud to participate in this community by providing tutoring services to students of every age and educational level, with tutors for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as college students and special needs children. With both in-home and online programs that cater to the individual needs of every student and family, Downey residents can receive the assistance required to meet their educational goals.

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