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Bee Academic Tutoring in Cerritos, CA

Bee Academic Tutoring is proud to provide tutoring in Cerritos, CA. Originally known as Dairy Valley (for its abundance of dairy farms), Cerritos is located in south LA county, near Orange County and is surrounded by the cities of Buena Park, La Mirada, Norwalk, Lakewood and Bellflower.  Like other cities in the area, Cerritos generally has a Mediterranean climate.  The city has many attractions, and these include the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Cerritos Millennium Library and Cerritos Olympic Swim & Fitness Center.

The History of Cerritos

Due to the abundance of dairy farms in the area, Cerritos was once  known as Dairy Valley.  Incorporated in 1956, this area was once the home of the Tongva tribe.   The name Cerritos was chosen due to the proximity of Rancho Los Cerritos and Cerritos College.  Cerritos is a prime examples of a California city creating many commercial zones to benefit from the county sales tax sent back to cities as sales tax revenue.  The increased revenue has been reinvested in Cerritos  via large public works programs.

With a population just around 50,000, Cerritos is known for its vibrant and diverse economy which includes the well-known Cerritos Auto Square, The Magnolia Power Project, Cerritos Towne Center and Cerritos Industrial Park, where a UPS facility (one of Cerritos’ largest employer) is located.  Other top Cerritos employers include ABC Unified School District, AT&T mobility and College Hospital.  Both 91 and 605 freeways run through Cerritos, and the 5 freeway is also close.  This makes Cerritos very accessible for both residents and businesses.

Education in Cerritos

Known for the quality educational standards provided by the ABC Unified School and Bellflower Unified School Districts, Cerritos is home to many quality schools including Gretchen Whitney High School, Cerritos High School, Richard Gahr High School, Helen Wittmann Elementary School, Joe A. Gonsalves Elementary School,  Cerritos Elementary School, and Frank C. Leal Elementary.  The city is also known for the famous Cerritos Community College.

Bee Academic Tutoring has a number of quality math, English, science and other tutors that can provide in-home tutoring for students in Cerritos.

Update: Bee Academic Tutoring has been rated as a top tutoring company in Cerritos.

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