Who needs tutoring?

Who needs tutoring? 1

In previous editions of this newsletter, we mentioned the benefits of academic tutoring, as well some as success stories of several tutoring programs. However, aside from subpar grades, how do we identify whether our children, siblings or other students close to us are in need of tutoring?

One indicator that a student may greatly benefit from tutoring is that, despite his/her good grades, the student feels unmotivated at school.  The student may very well feel a lack of challenge. Another situation that may indicate the need for tutoring: the student plans to enroll in a university with grades and/or SAT score requirements at or above the student’s current level/ability. Also, giving support to students starting at an early age ensures that the student develop skills that will enable you to achieve your goals, and even compete for scholarships, successfully continue their academic path, and eventually their career.

Meditation, a tool to our willpower 2

We’ve talked a lot about brain exercises, what we must eat, even which colors are best for learning processes.  However it’s also highly recommended that the brain occasionally “settles down.” Meditation can be a way to focus your mind on the current moment. One study found that just 10 minutes of meditation per day helped improve concentration.  Strengthening our mind helps us make better use of our time, allowing us to be more productive.

If  focusing on the now seems difficult if not impossible at first, don’t despair.  Rare (if non-existent) is the person who gets it right the first time.  Lastly, while certain religions do incorporate meditation, simple meditation does not requiring adhering to any specific religion, as you are merely focusing your mind on the present.  The video link below has an excellent explanation on meditating for the first time.  Enjoy!

Beginner’s Guide to Meditation ~ Learn To Meditate in 5 Easy Steps

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