Bee Academic Tutoring in Whittier, CA

Bee Academic Tutoring proudly provides in-home and online tutoring services for Whittier, CA, amongst other southland cities in Los Angeles and Orange County.  The community of Whittier began as a Quaker colony that invited “fair-minded people” to purchase lots of land in the 1880s, and today it spans nearly 15 square miles of land south of Los Angeles and boasts a population of over 86,000 residents.  Whittier is home to myriad businesses and the community prides itself on safety, diversity, and quality of life.  The city supports beautification through their Art in Public Places Ordinance, a program that allows business and residential developments to add works of art to their building projects.  And both visitors and residents can appreciate the longevity of Whittier via the four historical residential districts the city features.  Whittier was named for famed Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier.  Although he never resided in his namesake town, he did write a poem about it: “My Name I Give to Thee”.

The Whittier City School District has a stated mission to ensure that “every student reaches his/her optimum potential and has a positive impact on a global society”, and this is accomplished via a network of 29 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and 8 high schools in the area, as well as several alternative and private schools for families to choose from.  Many schools in this district are highly ranked, including Andrews Elementary School, which was recognized in 2014 for academic progress and achievements by the California Distinguished School Program.  With a forward-thinking attitude, this district has embraced technology, offering an online parent portal, implementing an iPad initiative for enhanced learning opportunities, and utilizing programs like Edmodo to integrate technology more fully into the classroom experience.

Residents seeking higher education enjoy the many academic programs offered by Whittier College, a 4-year, private liberal arts school that was originally founded in 1887.  With a student population of just under 2,500 students, a prestigious faculty, and an innovative curriculum, this small school has gained recognition for their focus on providing a modern education complete with cross-disciplinary teachings and an emphasis on social responsibility.  Other schools in the area include Rio Hondo Community College, Los Angeles Community College, and Fullerton College, as well as Biola University and California State University, Los Angeles.

Bee Academic Tutoring is pleased to offer tutoring services to Whittier students, helping them to achieve academic progress at any age.  With trained and experienced tutors ready to provide in-home and online sessions to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college students, including those with special needs, every Whittier student will receive the educational assistance required to reach their full potential.  Tutoring is available for math, science, English, Spanish, and standardized test preparation.

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