Tutoring Service Infographic

Infographics are a fun way to organize information into an easily-consumable manner. This infographic contains a few facts about (and the importance of) tutoring services.


Infographic Transcription

An Effective Way of Learning: Benefits of Tutoring

Interesting Tutoring Facts

  • Tutored students show greater school attendance
  • Students receiving at least 4 hours of tutoring per week showed a six week showed a six-month gain in reading and a two-year gain in math
  • Tutored students performed higher on standardized test scores in the areas of mathematics and language arts
  • Tutored students reported an increase in confidence and an improve attitude towards education

Benefits of Tutoring

  • Improving student work habits
  • More time-on-task
  • Meeting specific student needs
  • Reducing non-productive or risky behaviors
  • Immediacy of feedback
  • Improving social and behavioral skills
  • Increased ability to manage one’s own learning

How do you know if tutoring is needed for you or your child?

  • Teacher or counselor recommends tutoring
  • Homework seems increasingly difficult
  • Extreme anxiety before test
  • Self-esteem and grades are dropping
  • Loss of interest in learning or going to school
  • Feelings of wanting to give up
  • Resistance to doing schoolwork

Benefits to Tutors

  • Encourages higher levels of thinking
  • Increases motivation to learn in order to maintain new role
  • Increases ability to manage own learning and study strategies
  • Increases subject specific knowledge
  • Increases related general knowledge
  • Increases understanding of subject area

Benefits to Student

  • Offers more systematic, structures learning experience
  • Provides greater alignment between teacher and learner
  • Improves academic performance
  • Improves attitude toward subject area
  • Motivates self-paced and self-directed learning
  • Provides intensive practice for students who need it

Benefits to the School

  • Increases opportunity to reinforce instruction
  • Increases positive student interaction
  • Enhances measurable positive changes in attitude towards teaching/learning for the participants
  • Improves educational climate
  • Facilitates diverse integration

Advantages of Private Tutoring

  • Fewer Distractions
  • Choose your tutor
  • Focus on specific areas
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Help with homework



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