The CATCH program in the Durham Public Schools, a success case

The CATCH program in the Durham Public Schools, a success case 1

In 2010 in Durham North Carolina State began a program called Caring About The Concepts That Help (CATCH), as an academic tutoring proposal by Jeff Whitt: language arts teacher and athletic coach. The program began in response to the steep high school dropout rate, which in turn generated serious social problems such as unemployment or low paying jobs.

The program began with the training of 170 students as tutors that later, would support 114 of their peers with academic problems in certain subjects. The program reported improvements in areas such as communication skills.   In addition, the program showed positive results in other areas. Further adaptations were made to the program, and it could be implemented in other schools in Durham.

With the other hand 2

How difficult is it to use our less dominant hand for our regular activities? This apparently simple exercise, helps our brain performance as it forces it to break with its natural mechanics. The recommendation is to start with periods of 15 minutes per day, or with certain activities such as eating, hair brushing and even writing. At first it may seem odd and frustrating; it is part of the exercise.  This exercise also promotes increased willpower.

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