Who needs tutoring? 1 In previous editions of this newsletter, we mentioned the benefits of academic tutoring, as well some as success stories of several tutoring programs. However, aside from subpar grades, how do we identify whether our children, siblings or other students close to us are in need of tutoring? One indicator that a student may greatly benefit from tutoring is that, despite his/her good grades, the student feels unmotivated at school.  The student may very well feel a lack of challenge. Another situation that may indicate the need for tutoring: the student plans to enroll in a university with grades and/or SAT score requirements at or aboveRead More →

Independence in learning 1 While tutoring is often seen as a vehicle for helping students learn a prescribed lesson or subject, it can actually entail much more.  One of the goals of a good tutoring program is to help a student achieve self-learning and intellectual independence. If a student is struggling, they should looking for alternative ways in which to learn the material.  Unfortunately, self-learning is not always easy, especially within the confines of the conventional classroom.Read More →

Bee Academic Tutoring welcomes you to the second newsletter and appreciates your attention. In this edition, we’ll review how academic tutoring improves reading and life skills. There are also some interesting studies on omega-3 and its contribution to our health and cognitive performance. Improving reading with academic tutoring 1 There are several benefits that accompany academic tutoring programs. The main goal, in most cases, is improving grades in school curriculum. In addition to improved grades, students with academic tutors also develop skills that help them overcome the difficulties of everyday life. Amongst all academic skills, reading is the one that shows the most improvement withRead More →

Infographics are a fun way to organize information into an easily-consumable manner. This infographic contains a few facts about (and the importance of) tutoring services.   Infographic Transcription An Effective Way of Learning: Benefits of Tutoring Interesting Tutoring Facts Tutored students show greater school attendance Students receiving at least 4 hours of tutoring per week showed a six week showed a six-month gain in reading and a two-year gain in math Tutored students performed higher on standardized test scores in the areas of mathematics and language arts Tutored students reported an increase in confidence and an improve attitude towards education Benefits of Tutoring Improving studentRead More →