Tag: Math

Math is once again officially cool! Once considered the realm of geeks, those geeks are now the cool adults we call engineers, developers, marketers, hedge fund managers and scientists. Math is behind much of what we do and is becoming more and more of an important subject, as the venn diagram between highly paid jobs and jobs that require math starts to look more like a circle.

Math has a rich history that extends across many countries. Starting from the Cradle of Civilization that is Mesopotamia, we can thank them coming up with arithmetic and geometric symbols to count things a lot easier. The numbers don’t stop there. The ancient Greeks tackled with the idea of infinity and gave us great names such as Archimedes. In the East, China, India, and the Islamic empire also made great jumps in the field. Math was and continues to be useful until today. We would not have such cool architecture and landmarks without geometry, or learn how to split that restaurant dinner bill evenly. It is a part of our everyday lives, whether we see it or not.

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