Los beneficios de la tutoría de uno a uno y la actividad física

Student performance increases with tutoring programs 1 A recent study by Texas A & M University-Kingsville compared four major departments of the University, and showed learning improvements in students who were enrolled in tutoring programs. Following the introduction of a tutoring program for the University’s Physics I students, 75% of the students showed an increase in performance, and none of them showed any decrease.Read More →

Infographics are a fun way to organize information into an easily-consumable manner. This infographic contains a few facts about (and the importance of) tutoring services.   Infographic Transcription An Effective Way of Learning: Benefits of Tutoring Interesting Tutoring Facts Tutored students show greater school attendance Students receiving at least 4 hours of tutoring per week showed a six week showed a six-month gain in reading and a two-year gain in math Tutored students performed higher on standardized test scores in the areas of mathematics and language arts Tutored students reported an increase in confidence and an improve attitude towards education Benefits of Tutoring Improving studentRead More →

Why do we need higher math

One of the common objections to engaging in higher math is the sentiment that it’s not useful for future applications in life (at least for those who don’t pursue some heavily math-related career–and that’s most of us). It’s generally expressed as a rhetorical question, and goes something like this: Why should I bother learning Algebra? When am I ever going to use one of these equations? While it’s true that most of us never go on to use Algebra (let alone Calculus or Trigonometry) in the careers we pursue, this question misses a very important point. The very act of learning these methods also helpsRead More →

Many people have utilized private tutoring to help improve in a specific subject matter. In this day and age, it is simple to be overlooked by a teacher or professor. A large classroom with many students disallows the personal attention a student needs to make the necessary improvements. Private English tutoring allows for personal attention, where a teacher/coach can evaluate a specific student and cater to their needs. This personal attention given to a student will benefit in many ways, such as improved grades in English courses and better understanding of grammatical rules and structure. Also, special attention on assignments outside of common English courses,Read More →

For many families the month of September brings one thing to mind…. Back to School time! Some students are excited while others may be a little anxious. Whatever the case may be Bee Academic Tutoring Services is here to give students the edge this year. We want to start working with families early in the year so that students get help before they need it. A new school year allows parents to change their approach on helping their child(ren) get the grades they deserve.Read More →