The Bee Academic Tutoring Mission Statement

Here at Bee Academic Tutoring, it’s our mission to provide the best possible tutoring to all students, regardless of age, grade, or subject matter. We provide tutoring for a wide range of subjects including math, science, English, Spanish, history, and more. Our math assistance includes all ranges of math; from basic arithmetic to algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. Our science tutoring includes Biology, Geology, Physics, and various other sciences.

We believe that one-on-one tutoring is ideal and allows us to provide the best possible assistance to students, as we can tailor a solution according to their needs.

Editorial Practices

Our team may. from time to time, write-subject-related blog posts and articles. These are aimed at helping provide free educational tips to visitors, as well as to keep them informed on current events regarding tutoring and education in general.