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The greater area of Downtown Long Beach is located in the heart of Long Beach, California, a seaside city known for its lively and diverse community. The downtown area is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike, as it features entertainment, restaurants and local art within walking distance of the beach. Downtown is bordered by the Los Angeles River, Ocean Boulevard, Alamitos Avenue and 7th Street, spanning roughly 1.5 square miles.

Business District

Long Beach is considered to have one of the nation’s most walkable downtown areas, making it ideal for shopping and dining throughout the business district. Notable areas within the district include the Promenade, The Streets and the Pike Outlets. The Promenade cuts through the center of the downtown entertainment district, featuring an open-air pedestrian walkway, public art and many selections of BBQ and beer. Just south of Ocean Boulevard are the Pike Outlets, another hotspot for popular restaurants and nightlife. The Streets, formerly known as Cityplace, is a recently renovated open-air shopping plaza that spans about six city blocks. Other notable areas include Retro Row, a destination for unique gifts, and the East Village Arts District, a newly established arts community.

Night Life

The Nightlife in Downtown Long Beach is known for its energy, fresh music and inventive cocktails. Popular nightlife scenes are scattered throughout Long Beach and the Downtown Core, especially within Pine Avenue and the Promenade. Topping the list are The Stave and Sgt. Pepper’s Dueling Piano Café, both known for exceptional singing, dancing, and drinks. Those in search of nightly entertainment may buy tickets at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center; a recently expanded complex that holds frequent concerts, boxing matches, and arts performances.

Daytime Activities

During the day, Downtown Long Beach is an ideal location for entertainment and engagement with the local community. The arts district includes independent shops and galleries that feature work by local Californian artists. Festivals held in the Arts District like Second Saturday Art Walk and the Tour De Artistes are an opportunity to enjoy the local art culture. Another daytime excursion, The Queen Mary, is a retired ocean liner that operates as a floating hotel and historical attraction. Those among the Queen Mary celebrate its historic past with informational tours as well as on-board dining and meetings. Of course, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the bustling beach are just a short walk away from the Downtown Core, offering education and enjoyment of the local marine life.


California State University Long Beach (CSULB), founded in 1949, is located about 4 miles east of Downtown Long Beach. Although the campus is a short drive from the downtown district, student activities and housing are common in the downtown area. The university office of the Chancellor is also located just south of Ocean Blvd., making students and staff a regular in the area. A 22-story student housing complex is also set for building in the Downtown Core, further involving students in the economic and historical fabric of the area. Downtown Long Beach also houses several primary and secondary schools within the Long Beach Unified School District, which has earned the reputation as one of America’s premium school systems.


Downtown Long Beach arose out of rapid growth in the city of Long Beach and the establishment of The Port of Long Beach in 1911, which brought many trade jobs to the area. In addition, the rich oil deposits discovered in 1921 increased the population of the city dramatically. After the Long Beach earthquake of 1933 caused significant damage, the downtown area was rebuilt in an Art Deco style. The spectacular views of Long Beach made it ideal for tourists and the resort industry, sparking further growth of the business district of Downtown Long Beach. The openings of the Long Beach Arena and the Queen Mary from 1949-1967 ushered in a subsequent boom of growth and revitalization. In 1957, the Downtown Long Beach Alliance was created to manage the downtown improvement area, address transportation issues and create strategic planning visions for the future. In recent years, several downtown business complexes have undergone renovations to increase their accessibility to tourists and frequent downtown visitors.

The importance of Tutoring

Tutoring is a very important part of the education process for many children. The benefits of tutoring have been well-known for many years, and by choosing tutoring your child’s grades may dramatically improve. They may also have a greatly increased chance of getting into a good college. Hiring a proper tutor who is familiar with the lesson material ensures your child will understand the topics they study on a deeper level.

Tutoring for Math

Hiring a skilled math tutor for your child can be an excellent choice. If your child is struggling to grasp concepts in math, the most beneficial thing you can do for them is hire a tutor. Hiring a math tutor is important because the tutor can identify where your child has missed out on key concepts. The tutor can identify weak points in your child’s math education and make sure they are familiar with all theorems, concepts and methods of performing math.

Tutoring for math is especially important in high school when children are studying difficult subjects such as geometry and trigonometry. These subjects are often taught at a very fast pace, and if a student misses even one key concept they can be left behind. Hiring a tutor will ensure your child keeps up with their math studies and deeply understands the material.

Tutoring for Reading

Having a thorough understanding of reading is extremely important for your child’s future. If they don’t have a clear grasp of reading from an early age, they may be left behind in all other subject areas. If you’re worried that your child is struggling with this integral topic, you should seek a qualified tutor immediately to help improve their comprehension.

A skilled reading tutor will increase your child’s understanding of the entire world. They’ll see countless benefits from their deepening understanding of reading.

Tutoring for ESL

Children who are learning English as a second language face a unique set of obstacles that other students in their class may not have to deal with. It’s very important that they get a firm grasp on the English language from an early age. Working with an ESL tutor will provide your child with the practice they need to excel at the English language. Their conversational skills will improve and they will gain a heightened understanding of instructions and classroom discussions. It’s very important that your child understands English thoroughly in order to succeed.

Tutoring for Gifted Students

When most people think of tutoring, they don’t realize that it’s an option for gifted students as well as those who are struggling. Gifted students can benefit greatly from tutoring to enrich their natural talents. Some gifted students may grow bored with their classes and feel under-stimulated. By selecting a knowledgeable tutor for them, their education can be greatly enhanced.

For example, a gifted student may find classroom discussions about a book to be simple and vague. They may want to discuss the material on a deeper level. A tutor can come up with a unique study plan for gifted students that doesn’t let their intelligence stagnate when they’re working alongside average students.

Is Tutoring the Right Choice for My Child?

Although every child has different needs, most teachers agree that tutoring is a good choice. If you suspect your child needs some remedial attention outside school, it’s important to consult a tutor who can address your child’s unique needs. Your child is at a very special time in their life where it’s integral for them to learn as much as possible. Only you can make the choice to contact a tutor for your child’s future.

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