Interesting Facts About Long Beach City, California

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The quaint villages, lovely beaches and the art and cultural scenes are among the many attractions that keep visitors coming to Long Beach California again and again. It a deep water port where international freight shipping is done and has grown to be a favorite stopping point for many cruise ships.

What is today ‘Long Beach‘ was formally a Spanish ranch that was later on owned by the Bixby family. The family made the ranch a success, and its fame caught the attention of William Willmore who bought 4,000 acres of it in 1880. William has the grand plan of building a farm community that he would call ‘Willmore City.’ But his plans for the Long Beach Land never materialized, and the 4,000 acres would, later on, be purchased by the Long Beach Land and Water Company who renamed it ‘Long Beach. The remaining acres of land under Bixby ranch ownerships would then become the neighboring areas of Long Beach.

When And How Long Beach Become a City?

Long Beach is located 22 miles south of downtown L.A; in California, in the southeast corner of Los Angeles County, that borders with Orange County. Its origins can be traced back to 1882 when the first coastal community settle here, but it was still a place of prominence when it was a ranch held by Spaniards before it was owned by the Bixby family who sold a portion of it to William Willmore. Long Beach experiences its first population boom in 1885 which as attributed to the arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Santa Fe Railroad who were competing to bring visitors. Many of the visitors fell in love with the place, and a good number of them stayed, and that is how Long Beach grew to become a City.

Does The City Have Rent Control?

The concept of rent control may be a foreign subject to some people. Rent control places limitations on the number of times landlords can place rent increments on their properties. It is something that most locals in Long Beach would love to see passed in the real estate laws; how soon, it is impossible to say. As such, tenants are under the mercies of their landlords who can increase the rent as many times, and they deem necessary.

When Does Long Beach Schools Start?

Schools in Long Beach start their curriculum year on the last day of August, a day that parents mark on the calendar with delight with their children not sharing the same enthusiasm. The teachers’ workday starts on the 29th. The school year ends on June 14th, a day that many students look forward to with immense joy.

Why Long Beach State Dropped Football

The 49ers were established in 1955 with many of their games played at the Anaheim Stadium and the Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. In 1990, George Allen came out of retirement to coach the team, a year that went down as the best in the teams’ play history. Sadly, the George passed on the same year and the University president, Curtis McCray disbanded the Long Beach State Football team. The disbandment was linked to lack of fan support and financial constraints tied to California’s budget crisis.

Plastic Bags Ban In Long Beach

The environmental impact of plastic bags, such as those used at Walmart and Target, was an expensive nightmare for Long Beach, costing 17cents to get rid of a trashed plastic bag. As such, the ban on the bags in August of 2011 was a huge step towards saving marine life and preserving the beautiful eco-system. The ban has helped lower the amount of litter in Long Beach and significantly reduced plastic wastes. Long Beach residents are expected to use recycled, reusable bags and the shopping retailers to sell bags to customers at 10 cents per bag.

Long Beach Tsunami Alertness

Long Beach is fun and breathtaking place that rests in a tsunami zone. Tsunamis are attributed to earthquakes and the landslides that take place in its deep waters, and they have caused significant loss of lives, properties, and businesses. As such, Long Beach has a tsunami preparedness plan that includes marketed evacuation routes and selected safe zones scattered across the city. All Long Beach residents are expected to practice tsunami preparedness with schools teaching about the same and inter-agency drills conducted during the Tsunami Preparedness Week.

Things To Do In Long Beach

Long Beach is a coastal city with many exciting thrills for all, the locals and visitors. It has quaint communities with a vastly diversified culture that offers different experiences. The beachside is a flurry of activities with people basking under the sun, enjoys the waters, cruise ships coming and leaving, and many water or beach related sports or activities.

The city has art galleries, museums, and other outdoor attractions as well as activities such as walking or biking around the island and the beach. A Gondola ride along the circuitous canals is a favorite for many visitors and locals. You also should make plans to when in Long Beach to visit the El Dorado Nature Center and the historic Ranchos Los Alamitos. Also, remember to take a walk in Earl Burns Miller Japanese Gardens. Riding the Catalina ferry to Catalina Island is also an enjoyable activity.

How Long Does It Take To Get From Long Beach To Catalina?

Catalina Island is a beauty to behold and a fun place to be; it is serviced by the Catalina Express, a high-speed ferry that makes the trip in less than an hour. The ferry ride is enough time to enjoy a drink and some snacks before reaching Catalina. A helicopter ride is the other travel alternative for those that want a quicker means of getting there. Sailing to the island is also an option but how soon you arrive depends on the wind, weather and the sailors’ skills.

When Is Long Beach Comic-Con?

Long Beach Comic Con is never short of being an enjoyable commotion, a time when illustrators, screenwriters, and prop makers from different parts of the world converge, converse, and share with their fans and Comic-Con lovers. It also is a great time to see the Geekfest Film Fest. All these take place at the Long Beach Comic Expo on the around the third weekend of February (17th – 18th).

Does Long Beach Have An Airport?

Yes, Long Beach has an Airport, the LGB (Long Beach Airport) that has flights from Delta, Jet Blue Airways, Southwest Airlines and the American Airlines. The flights traverse the United States to destinations such as Austin, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, and New York meaning visitors can take direct flights in and out of Long Beach city.

Does Long Beach Have A Pier?

Long Beach has many great piers. For instance, visitors and locals view the Queen Mary at the Pine Avenue Pier and also have a fabulous view of the lighthouse. For those that love watching seals swim, taking strolls at the beach, or even doing a bit of fishing, then the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier is the perfect spot.

How Much Are Long Beach Aquarium Tickets?

The Long Beach Aquarium is located in Rainbow Harbor and sits on a 5-acre waterfront. The aquarium is open to the public all-year-round apart from on Christmas Day. Admission is $17.95 for the kids and $29.95 for adults with the prices varying based on the add-on activities or visits such as the harbor tours, the Behind-the-scenes tours, Queen Mary/Diana Exhibit and the Gray Whale Watch.

Membership registration for the aquarium is $79.99 which entitles you to free admission. Family membership is $139 with options that include perks such as free movies and free parking. Family members also get member-only invitations to certain events and enjoy discounted purchases.

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