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Bellflower, CA


Bellflower CA doubles up as a city and a suburb in Los Angeles California. The city was named in 1912 after the belle fleur apple that was commonly grown in the local orchards in the 1900s. The city was first called Somerset in 1906 by F. E. Woodruff. Woodruff was a real-estate man who had visited the area and bought out over 1000 acres of the Somerset ranch that had been opened a few years back. When a post office was later opened in the same area, they rejected the name due to mix-ups that were happening, since there was another Somerset in Colorado


The initial population consisted of Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese who had settled in after the end of the First World War. After the Second World War, scaling of property values and annexations by real estate syndicates forced more settlers to move east. The lands were then divided among the fast-rising middle class. The class developed technology, industries, and other jobs till Bellflower became a commercial center in Los Angeles. According to the 2010 federal state census, Bellflower has a population of 76,616 with a density of about 12,000 per square mile. There is a complete racial representation in the area.


Bellflower experiences about 287 days of sun in a year. The weather is hottest in July with temperatures of 82 degrees, and coldest in January with low temperatures of 46 degrees. The humidity index is between 47 and 100 where the weather is more comfortable at the 100 mark. The city experiences 15 inches of rain per year and 0 inches of snow. For a relatively hot place snowing is a rare occurrence. The weather is absolutely conducive for outside businesses and activities.


Bellflower is the 32nd Senate district in the state of California. It is represented by a legislator in the California state assembly and is the 58th assembly district with a Democratic representative at the moment. In the House of Representatives, the city of Bellflower is divided between the 38th and the 40th congressional districts. Local Bellflower is maintained by the office of the sheriff. There are two stations namely Lakewood and Bellflower run by the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department


The infrastructure is well developed in Bellflower. The main transportation routes include the Artesia Freeway running through the east to the west of southern bellflower. The San Gabriel River Freeway is an interstate highway running from the north to the south of the eastern part of the city. The north of the town is served by the Century Freeway another regional road. The city-county provides bus services from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the long beach transit. Inside the city, the common bus service is the Bellflower bus with a fixed route and fare.
The city has the 23 and 93 stations from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, which serve the entire area in case of fire emergencies among others. The care ambulance service provides public ambulance services to supplement the private ones for those who are not well off. The post office which is the most famous landmark is located on Flower Street.


Bellflower is sufficient in terms of schools. The city has both public and private high and middle schools. The area has several colleges both community and national.

Public High Schools/ Elementary/ middle schools

  • Belle flower high
  • Somerset continuation high
  • Bellflower alternative education center
  • Washington Elementary
  • Frank E. Woodruff Elementary
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • Ernie Pyle Elementary
  • Albert Baxter Elementary
  • Ramona Elementary
  • Las Flores home education independent study academy

Private elementary/middle schools

  • Valley Christian Elementary school
  • St Dominic Savio Elementary school
  • St Bernard school
  • Southland Christian Academy
  • Creative day preschool & academy
  • Adventist Union school

Health Care

The Los Angeles department of health runs the bell flower health center as part of the other coastal cluster clinics. Ambulance services provided by the ambulatory care network are part of the medical care provided by the state government in Bellflower. The health care system focuses on providing primary care for adults, children, and the general family. Medical covers provide for patient-centered medical home models. The cover insists on patient treatment by the same medical team to support health and wellness needs. Other health care services include:

  • Emergency departments
  • Urgent care centers
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Specialists

Crime rate

Bellflower has three police jurisdictions Cerritos, Lakewood, and Norwalk. The number of violent crimes is much lower than that of property crimes. Violent crimes stand at 149 people per 10, 000 people while property crimes are at 1020. Property crimes include burglary, theft, and carjacking. Violent crimes include robberies at about 56% of the 149 and aggravated assault at 42%. The crime rates are not at alarming levels. Observing basic security protocols is enough unless targeted.