College Prep Tutoring

College Prep Tutoring

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Give them what they need to succeed!

The most important skills needed to perform well in college or a university are time management and study skills. However, there are also other factors that go into planning for college. Students need to think independently and plan for the future. They need to select the right courses, major, and career path. This can develop with time, but the student benefits tremendously from proactively planning for the future before entering college.

  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Career Planning

We provide Role Models!

Our tutors can help guide students by asking probing questions about their interest. They can offer specific strategies on developing effective study habits. Most importantly, out tutors can assist your child in preparing college essays and other writing samples, which ultimate play a key role in the admission process.

Getting into college is not an overnight process. We generally recommend that the student begins to prepare half way through their junior year in high school. In the end, every student is different and our complimentary in-home consultation can help determine how soon to begin.

Here are some of the college prep assistance our tutors provide:

  • College essays and writing samples
  • Study skills
  • Time management
  • Learning about schools and their academic programs
  • Organizing their college applications
  • Telephone/e-mail follow-up skills
  • Navigating the college administrative system
  • Exploring financial aid options and scholarships



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