The Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring is great, not only because it has been shown to better academic performance, but also it boosts student’s confidence in that subject area. Tutoring is specific, direct, and modified to the student. You get one-on-one attention, access to a tutor who is there to answer all of your questions, and you can control the pace of which you master the material. Tutors are there to make sure you understand how to solve a problem, rather than just focusing on landing an answer. So in a way, critical thinking is extra enforced when tutoring is involved!

Los beneficios de la tutoría de uno a uno y la actividad física

The Benefits of Tutoring & Physical Activity

Student performance increases with tutoring programs 1

A recent study by Texas A & M University-Kingsville compared four major departments of the University, and showed learning improvements in students who were enrolled in tutoring programs.

Following the introduction of a tutoring program for the University’s Physics I students, 75% of the students showed an increase in performance, …Continue Reading »

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