Reading is such an important part of our daily lives. We read at home, we read online, at work, on the streets, in the train station while waiting for the next stop. Our minds are constantly weaving in and out of words. What once started off as ABCs is now crucial to your careers, people, and even to society. When you read better, you write better. When you write better, you also communicate better and also improve your critical thinking skills. If you find that you or someone you know is struggling with reading, then consider getting the help of a tutor. Not only can they increase your reading frequency and fluency, you will also open doors to other worlds. Your imagination and brain will thank you for that!

Reading & Cognitive Performance

Bee Academic Tutoring welcomes you to the second newsletter and appreciates your attention. In this edition, we’ll review how academic tutoring improves reading and life skills. There are also some interesting studies on omega-3 and its contribution to our health and cognitive performance.

Improving reading with academic tutoring 1

There are several benefits that accompany …Continue Reading »

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