Physical Activity

The more you exercise, the more appreciative your brain will be! The actual intake of oxygen, from physical activities such as running, biking, and swimming will actually improve your cognitive abilities to learn, study, and memorize. Ever get tired in the middle of a study or work session? Try running up 2 flights of stairs or 10 jumping jacks, and you will see that you can suddenly focus and pay attention much better afterwards. Sports that require hand-eye coordination, such as tennis, and basketball, are shown to help with memory and reaction time. So when summer rolls around, take note that physical activity is no longer just for a beach body, but also for a stellar brain!

Los beneficios de la tutoría de uno a uno y la actividad física

The Benefits of Tutoring & Physical Activity

Student performance increases with tutoring programs 1

A recent study by Texas A & M University-Kingsville compared four major departments of the University, and showed learning improvements in students who were enrolled in tutoring programs.

Following the introduction of a tutoring program for the University’s Physics I students, 75% of the students showed an increase in performance, …Continue Reading »

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