College Tutoring

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It is never too late to learn?” Well, it’s true! Now, tutoring does not have to be specifically for students in K-12 grades. Sometimes adults need help too, and thanks to the rise and expansion of tutoring centers on college campuses, they can get the same help. Although the subject material may be more involved and more difficult to master, hiring qualified tutors from the student body and faculty on campus allows both tutor and student to discover better study and teaching strategies. Together as a team, college students and their tutors can achieve academic success and confidence. They say that you only truly know something until you can teach it to someone else!

College Tutoring & The Brain

Tutoring at the University Level 1

It’s commonly believed that tutoring is only for basic subjects, or K-12 students, and that it serves little/no purpose in college, or for more specialized subjects. Over the years however, universities have looked to implement strategies to improve student performance across several subjects, including science and technology-related classes.

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