Motivating your Child/Student to Read


While some of us are just natural readers and can’t imagine getting through a day without reading, not everyone shares this passion.  In fact, those for whom reading is essentially a hobby often find it difficult if not impossible to understand how another person can appear to have an outright aversion to it, and therefore aren’t able to motivate a student/child to pick up reading as a habit.  Fortunately there’s a solution.

What are the child/student’s interests

It’s easiest to begin reading on a topic in which a person has a sincere interest.  Is the student/child obsessed with Pokemon Go?  Take them to a nearby bookstore and let them browse a few Pokemon books!  Are they obsessed with anime?  Those come in book form as well.  Perhaps they just saw a movie which they really enjoyed.  If the movie happens to be based on a book, they are in for a treat with the latter since movies are generally unable to capture anywhere near the level of depth given the format and time limit.

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