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What is the GMAT?

The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is a standardized exam designed to gauge how well a test taker will perform in the classroom when pursuing a MBA (Masters in Business Administration) program. GMAT scores play a heavy role in the admission decision. If you apply for graduate business school, you’ll want to take this test.

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Brief Overview of the GRE Categories

  • Computerized test
  • 3 ½ hours
  • Does not actually test on business knowledge . Tests high school-level math, writing, reading comprehension, grammar, critical reasoning, and integrated reasoning
  • No calculator allowed, but scratch paper is, so you’ll have to reinforce mental math, calculation shortcuts, etc

Sections of the GMAT

Some sections of the GMAT employ Computer-Adaptive Testing (CAT), which means the difficulty level of the questions is adjusted automatically as one takes the test. Each answer directly affects the next question, so you cannot go back to questions already answered.

1. Analytic Writing Section -30 minutes

a. Analysis of an Argument
i. Measures critical thinking and communication of ideas
ii. Analyze reasoning behind a given argument and writing a critique of that argument

2. Integrated Reasoning-30 minutes

a. 12 questions
b. Involves multi-source reasoning, graphics interpretation, two-part analysis and table analysis
i. Measures ability of evaluating information presented in different formats taken from different sources
c. Tests you on skills that you will need in a world of technology and data

3. Quantitative-75 minutes

a. 37 questions
b. Involves data sufficiency and problem solving
i. Required to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills
c. The math skills do not go above high school level
d. Uses CAT

4. Verbal Section-75 minutes

a. 41 questions
b. Involves reading comprehension, critical reasoning by evaluating arguments, and sentence correction
c. Uses CAT


Be sure to download GMATPrep-Software, which is free for registered users of This software is a great diagnostic tool to help you figure out what areas of the exam you may need to focus on.
It is recommended to plan out your study schedule. Most people require 3-6 months of preparation before taking the exam. Again, this is flexible, depending on your comfort with the material on the exam.

The GMAT Prep Timeline (located on the website) provides a step-by-step guide to your personal study plan and includes helpful links, tips, and products for your perusal.
Other helpful resources (available via

GMAT Handbook: information on what to expect before, during, and after the exam

Official Guides to GMAT Review Series 2017: 1,500+ real GMAT questions and 15% new content
New! Official GMAT Integrated Reasoning Test: featuring a set of 48 never-before-seen items and answer explanations, unlimited practice sessions, customizable question sets, and tools to practice pacing

Official Guide to Your Best GMAT (infographic): become familiar with the exam and the steps to succeed
Test Center Checklist (Infographic): Know what to bring to the day of the exam so that you are not stressed out about it beforehand!
The Premium Study Collection: an all-inclusive set of study products with includes section specific official guides, paper tests, online diagnostic tools, question packs, and exam packs! It gives more than 2,000 questions for you to practice with.

What do most people struggle with?

  • Learning to answer questions under time pressure
  • Approaching the test with the wrong mindset: If you try to get everything right, you will not get the best score that you could get on the GMAT.
  • Learning how to think analytically to solve future problems of the same nature
  • Guessing and moving on: it is counterintuitive for most people

How can a tutor help?

  • They can help you refresh important math skills and concepts
  • A tutor can go over test questions and solutions that you still do not understand
  • A tutor can go over and help you determine what content areas need the most work, as not all content areas have equal value.
  • They can help you learn to analyze in great depth the practice problems that you are doing
  • They can help you determine what to spend more time on
  • Help you develop efficient and effective study strategies

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