College Tutoring & The Brain

Tutoring at the University Level 1

It’s commonly believed that tutoring is only for basic subjects, or K-12 students, and that it serves little/no purpose in college, or for more specialized subjects. Over the years however, universities have looked to implement strategies to improve student performance across several subjects, including science and technology-related classes.

Reading & Cognitive Performance

Bee Academic Tutoring welcomes you to the second newsletter and appreciates your attention. In this edition, we’ll review how academic tutoring improves reading and life skills. There are also some interesting studies on omega-3 and its contribution to our health and cognitive performance.

Improving reading with academic tutoring 1

There are several benefits that accompany …Continue Reading »

Los beneficios de la tutoría de uno a uno y la actividad física

The Benefits of Tutoring & Physical Activity

Student performance increases with tutoring programs 1

A recent study by Texas A & M University-Kingsville compared four major departments of the University, and showed learning improvements in students who were enrolled in tutoring programs.

Following the introduction of a tutoring program for the University’s Physics I students, 75% of the students showed an increase in performance, …Continue Reading »

Tutoring Service Infographic

Infographics are a fun way to organize information into an easily-consumable manner. This infographic contains a few facts about (and the importance of) tutoring services.


Infographic Transcription
An Effective Way of Learning: Benefits of Tutoring
Interesting Tutoring Facts

Tutored students show greater school attendance
Students receiving at least 4 hours of tutoring per week showed a six week showed a …Continue Reading »

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