Bee Academic Tutoring - Tutoring in Cerritos, Long Beach, Lakewood and Downey

Our Mission

We Want To Elevate Academic Success by Providing

Quality Tutors to Every Student!

Why are we the fastest growing tutoring company in Southern California?

We strongly believe in making quality tutors accessible to students who want and/or need to achieve higher academic goals. We believe every student needs a tutor who is passionate about teaching, who can improve academic skills, increase effort and self confidence, and become an educational mentor. The vehicle which we can accomplish this is with one-on-one tutoring. We feel it allows our tutors to customize lessons and concepts, and teach them according to the individual learning style of every student. In our humble opinion, there is no better way to learn than one-on-one. Period!

We change lives, one student at a time.

We offer private in-home tutoring for grades pre-K through 12th, home school, college and university courses. We teach all academic subjects including foreign languages, standardized test preparation, and accredited home-school curricula. Our tutors are thoroughly screened and qualified with a minimum of 2 years of teaching or tutoring experience. We tutor from your child’s school curriculum, utilizing their textbooks, worksheets, and project assignments. Additionally, we partner and communicate with your child’s teachers so that we are in tandem with material being taught in the classroom. No long term contracts are needed, and we have no testing/assessment fees. We offer a free consultation to meet with one of our directors for an assessment and recommendation of which tutor would be the best fit to work with your family.  We are located throughout LA and Orange County.

We tutor all subjects Pre-K-12, including:

  • Math (including Algebra, Geometry and Calculus)
  • Science (including Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • English (including ESL)
  • Spanish (and other foreign languages)
  • Standardized Tests (including SAT/ACT)

Whether your child is struggling to catch up because of a change in curriculum, needs to raise a grade, prepare for an upcoming test, or would simply like to advance at a faster pace, our tutors have the proven track record to make it happen.

Why Bee Academic Tutoring?

You probably have many tutoring options and are wondering if Bee Academic Tutoring is right for you. Bee Academic Tutoring is one of several good tutoring companies in the LA/Orange County area and it is ultimately up to you to decide which one is right for you and your student’s needs.  Here are some specifics on Bee Academic Tutoring, to help you decide if we are right for your needs:

  • Our tutors come to you (we are not a tutoring center)
  • Our tutors teach according to your student’s school’s curriculum
  • Our tutors are generally directly employed in the field they tutor (for example, our math tutors include math teachers, engineers and finance professionals).
  • We are family-oriented and take your student’s progress seriously
  • We offer online tutoring as an option
  • We offer a free in-home consultation (no strings attached)
  • While bulk discounted packages are available, you are not obligated to buy a package (you can purchase a single hour)
  • We strongly believe in the value of education and its role in creating a better society

Call for a Complimentary In-Home Consultation! (562.421.3272)